Myles J. Timesaver: Holidays and Special Days in the USA

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Students learning need to familiarise themselves with the culture of -speaking countries to provide a context for their study of the language. This title allows teachers to present aspects of contemporary US culture to their students which will broaden their knowledge of the -speaking world.

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Англоязычные страны. -speaking countries. Наглядное пособие для средней школы

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является самостоятельной частью комплекта наглядных пособий и демонстрационных материалов по страноведению (английский язык). На нем представлены географическое положение и основная информация страноведческого характера об англоязычных странах (Великобритания, США, Канада, Австралия, Новая Зеландия). Также приводятся данные об Англии, Шотландии, Уэльсе и Северной Ирландии. Пособие предназначено для занятий на среднем и старшем этапе обучения английскому языку. реализует Государственный образовательный стандарт и может использоваться по всем программам обучения английскому языку, утвержденным Министерством образования РФ.

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Тобольская Софья -speaking countries. Страноведческий справочник: Учебное пособие

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В этом пособии дается подробная информация страноведческого характера по англо-говорящим странам. Вы узнаете много нового о культуре, быте, географическом положении и достопримечательностях стран-носителей английского языка. Пособие будет полезно учащимся, учителям, абитуриентам и широкому кругу читателей.

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Zhuang Zi The Mark Of Nature Language Keep on Lifelong learning as long as you live-136

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Fuhua L. Chinese Paradise 3 / Царство китайского языка 3 - Teachers Book

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Chinese Paradise is a series of textbooks for -an elective course of elementary Chinese for children in -speaking countries. There are 18 volumes altogether: 6 volumes of Student's Book, 6 volumes of Workbook, 3 volumes of cards of words and Expressions, 3 volumes of Teacher's Book both in Chinese and in .

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Compact Oxford Russian- Dictionary

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The Compact Oxford Russian Dictionary offers over 90,000 words and phrases, and 120,000 translations of contemporary Russian and . It covers the words you need to know for everday use, carefully selected from findings from the Oxford Languages Tracker and the Oxford Corpus. Also included are Russian and -speaking culture and grammar supplements, giving lively and useful information on life in the Russian-speaking world.

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Hendra Leslie Anne, Ibbotson Mark, O`Dell Kathryn Evolve. Level 1. Student's Book

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EVOLVE is a six-level course that gets students speaking with confidence. Drawing on insights from language teaching experts and real students, this Level 1 (CEFR A1) Student's Book covers all skills and focuses on the most effective and efficient ways to make progress in . Each of the 12 units in the book features Time to speak, a lesson where decision-making and problem-solving tasks enable speaking to thrive. Optional mobile phone activities help create personalized learning experiences.

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Gavin Dudeney Learning as a Foreign Language For Dummies

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Do you know a bit of , and want to improve without a teacher? Whether you're a student, a traveller, or you just want to learn basic , this plain-speaking guide will help you pick up the essentials so you'll be understanding and speaking in no time. Improve your grammar, speech, vocabulary and pronunciation at your own pace, and prepare yourself to get around in any -speaking country comfortably – and without embarrassment! Learning as a Foreign Language For Dummies includes: Part I: Getting Started Chapter 1: You Already Know a Little Chapter 2: Basic Grammar Chapter 3: Greetings and Introductions Part II: in Action Chapter 4: Shopping and Numbers Chapter 5: Eating Out Chapter 6: Out on the Town Chapter 7: Hobbies and Free Time Chapter 8: Talking on the Phone Chapter 9: At the Office and Around the House Chapter 10: Written – Newspapers and Signs Part III: on the Go Chapter 11: Money Chapter 12: Checking into a Hotel Chapter 13: Asking Directions and Getting Around Chapter 14: Handling Emergencies Part IV: The Part of Tens Chapter 15: Ten Ways to Speak Quickly Chapter 16: Ten Favourite Expressions Chapter 17: Ten Holidays to Remember Chapter 18: Ten Phrases That Make You Sound Fluent in Part V: Appendices Appendix A: Phrasal verbs explained Appendix B: Common Verbs [Agree, Can / be able, Come, Do, Go, Have, Make , Need, Put, Think] Irregular Verbs Appendix C: the CD Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

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Mol Н. for Tourism and Hospitality Course Book & audio CDs (x2)

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for Tourism and Hospitality in Higher Education Studies The Garnet Education for Specific Academic Purposes series won the Duke of Edinburgh Union Language Book Award in 2009. for Tourism and...

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Чикилева Л. Английский язык для публичных выступлений B1-B2 for public speaking Учебное пособие

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Аникина М. Лестница Практикум по русскому языку для начинающих for -speaking students

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