Amopofo EF-M4/3 AF II Version lens Mount Adapter EF-M4/3 AF II For Canon EF/EF-S Lens to M4/3 Camera

Цена: 8460.54 руб.


Durex Elite Купить В Москве

Commlite CM- EF-EOSM Electronic Auto Focus Lens adapter for Canon EF EF-S lens to EOS M EF-M M2 M3 M5 M6 M10 M50 M100 Cameras

Цена: 2520.58 руб.


In Home Perfect Fit

Auto Extension Focus Tube 13mm/21mm/31mm EF EF-S Lens Durable Macro For Canon Camera EF EF-S Mount Lenses focus closer autofocus

Цена: 777.67 руб.


Моя Чокнутая Еврейская Мама

Commlite Auto Focus EF-NEX EF-EMOUNT FX Lens Mount Adapter for Eos EF-S Lens

Цена: 5985.56 руб.


Медведев Детский Писатель

Аксессуар Чехол Samsung EF-QG975 для Samsung Galaxy S10+ Transparent EF-QG975CTEGRU

Цена: 749 руб.


Мячи Для Пинг Понга Купить

Объектив CANON 50mm f/1.8 EF STM, Canon EF [0570c005]

Цена: 9600 руб.


байонет, тип: Canon EF

Anymode Acs J920Bk

Объектив CANON 40mm f/2.8 EF STM, Canon EF [6310b005]

Цена: 16240 руб.


байонет, тип: Canon EF

Алкатель Ван Тач 2004С

Кольцо Viltrox EF-M1 Canon EF - Micro 4/3 14611

Цена: 7221 руб.


Вселенная Иллюстрированный Атлас Махаон

Кольцо Viltrox EF-M2 II V2 Canon EF - Micro 4/3 14608

Цена: 9344 руб.


Бальзам Для Сосков Саносан

Kristin Kipp Teaching on the Education Frontier. Instructional Strategies for and Blended Classrooms Grades 5-12

Цена: 1942.12 руб.


A groundbreaking guide to facilitating online and blended courses This comprehensive resource offers teachers in grades K-12 a hands-on guide to the rapidly growing field of online and blended teaching. With clear examples and explanations, Kristin Kipp shows how to structure online and blended courses for student engagement, build relationships with online students, facilitate discussion boards, collaborate online, design online assessments, and much more. Shows how to create a successful online or blended classroom Illustrates the essential differences between face-to-face instruction and online teaching Foreword by Susan Patrick of the International Association for K-12 Learning This is an essential handbook for learning how to teach online and improve student achievement.

Наушники Audio Technica Ath T400

Холодильник Indesit EF 20

Цена: 20257.66 руб.


Printio Civic ef

Цена: 718 руб.



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